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I'm a Youtuber who loves Design

A professional designer by trade, I came to YouTube to share knowledge and advice I wish I had earlier in my career. I produce content covering topics like:

Design education and ongoing learning

Career paths for designers

Breaking into digital design and UX

Guidance on common scenarios designers face

Helpful advice for a rewarding design career

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Kind Words

A few comments from my awesome viewers.

This is hands down the most informative video I have ever watched. I’ve been so stressed trying to decide if design is the right career path for me and your video has 100% calmed my nerves!!! Thank you so much ♥️

Reagan Fields

Hi. I have fallen in love with graphic design because of your guiding. Thank u very much ?.

Bhagirath M

Hey girl! I love your videos. You have truly helped me find my career path even though I was nervous and I don’t know anything yet. I am excited!

Naikey Lenescat

She teaches better then my college does lol


I like how you broke this topic down and explained things really clearly which was easy to follow. I watched some other videos on the topic from people that said they were experts put didn’t explain things nearly as well as you just did. Thanks a lot.

Jesse McElroy

Thank you for creating this channel ?? I wish there was this type of information out there when I was applying for college 8 years ago. I feel like I’ve found my virtual mentor, older sister and design role model (hope that’s not too creepy lol) cause I feel like I finally found someone I can relate to and learn from ❤ ❤? ? ?


Your guidance vids have been a huuuuuuuuuuuuge help! ????


I’ve just discovered your channel and I already love it! I smashed that subscribe button like no other. I’m starting in design and usually I feel like i’m lost in the huge world which is design. But after watching a few of your videos I feel more focused and willing to learn more about the design communities, the ui/ux design process… everything! Thank you for your amazing work! ????


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I’m not taking any sponsorships or collaborations at this time. For something else, please send me an email.
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